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Equine Infrasound : G5 Equitec

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The G5® Equitec® massage device is an infrasound (<20 Hz) generator. Transmitted to matter, they generate longitudinal mechanical waves, that is to say they oscillate in the direction of their propagation: this consists in a succession of compressions and decompressions of the matter. Their propagation is rectilinear. To be effective deep down, these infrasonic vibrations must be applied perpendicularly to the tissue and at very low frequencies (<20 Hz).



When using the G5® Equitec®, the lower the motor frequency, the deeper the vibratory waves will penetrate into the tissue. On the other hand, the higher the motor frequency, the more superficial the treatment, inducing hyperhemia and local increase of blood and lymph circulation.


This simple vibratory technique, tried and tested in human medicine for 50 years, fits perfectly within the variety of equine osteopathy and veterinary treatments, thus constituting a consistent and effective variety of techniques.


In particular, infrasound properties help loosen bronchial mucus (thixotropy), improve throphism, relax muscles and soften scar tissues, which helps to maintain mobility in soft tissue structures, to stimulate trigger points and to reduce hematomas & tendonitis.


The G5® system generates a unique and patented movement of Vibro-Percussion, combining two vertical and horizontal forces that enable a mobilization of conjunctival tissue in an effective, deep and very comfortable way for the horse.


Our G5® Equitec® professional massage devices assist you during your horse's treatment all along his career, in order to optimize his performance and well-being.

More generally, they help to warm up before exercise and to accelerate the post-exercise recovery process. During the physiotherapy & rehabilitation process, it allows to considerably reduce the length of the convalescence period.

All the below mentioned pathologies only represent a small selection of the treatment possibilities offered by the G5® system, which constitutes a great complementary technique to veterinary, physiotherapy and osteopathic manipulation treatments.

  •     Circulatory problems: blood and lymph flows stimulation
  •     Edema reduction
  •     Hematomas
  •     Lymphatic drainage/Toxins elimination
  •     Muscular preparation and recovery
  •     Pre-competition performance programs
  •     Tendinopathies
  •     Neck pains
  •     Myositis
  •     Ligaments pains
  •     Soft tissue injuries
  •     Deep muscle spasms
  •     Torn muscles
  •     Trigger points