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  • Colour touchscreen
  • Double arrow navigation feature
  • Automatic purge of splint after use
  • New seperate air/water inputs
  • Protective sensors on the pumps
  • 6 feet extension hose


  • Works with water, ice cubes or ice-trays
  • Automatic contol of water temperature - Easy Cart patented system
  • Touchscreen, 10 programs + 10 customizable ones
  • Static and dynamic compression
  • Dynamic pressotherapy function
  • Splint for each part of body available
  • Possibility to repeat cycle with a break between two cyles
  • Possibilty of a two-phase protocol with static and dynamic compression


  • DECREASES pain
  • BLOCKS inflammatory process
  • ELIMINATES edemas
  • ACCELERATES tissue healing
  • REDUCES recovery time


Edemas • Bruises • Muscle Tear • Healing • Recovery • Tendinitis • Sprains • Swelling • Drainage



Manuel mode : Manually pump water into splint through 5 second flows every 30 seconds or continuously

Automatic mode : The program automatically monitors the water flow sent through the splint once the user sets a target temperature.

3 temperature sensors assist the therapist while carrying out the treatment :

  • Temperature of water container
  • Setpoint temperature
  • Temperature of water returning from splint

This function allows you to reduce water-flow and allow the patient to be more comfortable on insertion pathologies

Easy Cart patented system


  • Pressure from 0 to 75 mmHg
  • Constant pressure for action on deeper planes
  • Dynamic pressure for a pumping effect : adjustment of the high pressure and the holding time of set pressure and and adjustment of low pressure and holding time
  • Pressotherapy only function in dynamic mode


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