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Subzero Cryotherapy Orthopedic


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Choose Subzero for Fast Pain Relief and Healing

  • Muscle Relaxant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Vasomotor

Subzero is one of the most effective cryotherapy solutions for your rehabilitation needs. It enables you to treat injured body parts quickly, safely and effectively - all while using your body’s own natural healing processes to amazing effect!

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Subzero Cryotherapy

Neurocryostimulation technology makes it possible to reduce cold to a therapeutic level with pressure from CO2. This carbon dioxide-based cryotherapy allows for a safe and targeted gas application by moving the nozzle just above the skin, diffusing a perfectly dry, unscented, and painless gas at -110 ° F to 50 bar of pressure. Maximum effectiveness in 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds of treatment.

The Subzero Cryotherapy application creates an immediate result at the cellular level called thermal shock. This reaction stimulates the receptors found in the skin and sends a message to the brain. The stimulation creates a reflex pathway response, resulting in vasoconstriction at the superficial level and sends blood inward toward the body's core, while circulation toxins away for the targeted tissue. Upon completion of the treatment, the body then works to create homeostasis once again by opening blood vessels to four times their normal size. This allows for freshly oxygenated blood, rich in hormones, proteins, and enzymes, to return to the targeted area. The benefits are immediate, effective, and long-lasting in treating the following:


Pain reduction
Contraction: slowing-down of the vascular
and lymphatic system
Improved range of motion
Reduced recovery time
Reduce oxidative stress
Increased collagen fibers
Activation of microcirculation under the vasomotor effect


Truly a no brainer. Our clients love it, it’s a great source of revenue, and it’s ridiculously easy to use!

How it Works

The subzero cryotherapy machine uses pressurized CO2 gas to target a local area of the body and cause “thermal shock.” The sudden decrease in temperature rapidly activates the body’s healing response to relax muscles, promote flow of blood and nutrients, and reduce pain. You’ll be amazed how quickly cryotherapy treatment can reduce your pain and speed your recovery!

Cryotherapy Principal

Muscle relaxant: Reduces muscle spasms and enhances pain and healing by slowing nerve activity.

Anti-inflammatory:Reduces the temperature and metabolic rate of wounded tissue to constrict blood vessels, limiting blood flow and reducing edema.

Analgesic: Slows nerve signal transmission to decrease pain impulse transmission.

Vasomotor: The Subzero promotes healthy blood flow and can reduce damaging blood vessel constriction.

The handheld portable Cryo unit has been one of the greatest additions to our Physical Therapy and Performance training practices


Technical Specifications

  • 7 ft shielded hose standard (15 ft also available)
  • Lithium quick charging battery provides power for 360 treatments. Fully recharge in 90 minutes.
  • LCD screen showing the active program, treatment time, battery level, distance from the skin, and skin temperature.
  • Blue LED, lets you know you have reached a therapeutic temperature.
  • Red LED, lets you know you are too close (blinking) or too cold (continuous).
  • Medical grade temperature sensor provides skin temperature in real time.
  • Quickly store your device with quick disconnect.
  • Easy to use with only 2 buttons.
  • Lightweight at 1 kg/2.2 lbs
  • 5 spray nozzles to treat all areas of the body.
  • Additional nozzles: contact head massager, 2 cone nozzle, dome nozzle.

Subzero Cryotherapy Device Orthopedic

  • The most competitively priced cryotherapy device on the market
  • High quality, ergonomic, and effective for Orthopedic use
  • Used by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists
  • Ideal for both general and local treatments
  • Instructional videos, treatment protocols, and remote training available

I’m always looking for a faster way to truly heal my patients. I’ve never seen anything do as good or as fast a job as this!

What it Treats

General analgesia
Superficial Wounds
Sores and Abrasions
Inflammation and Pain
Tendon/ligament injuries - strains/sprains
Muscle tears
Sports Injuries
Spinal pathology to spinal cord injuries
Soft tissue adhesion to soft tissue adhesions
Cervical or lumbar strains, sciatica
Developmental orthopedic diseases
Delayed onset muscle soreness
Exercise-induced inflammation
Workout Recovery

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