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Elevate Recovery Standards with Subzero™: Cryotherapy Solutions Made in the USA.


Increase Revenue and Client Retention

Our advanced cryotherapy devices are proven to effectively burn fat, driving new revenue streams for your business.

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Ortho & Physio

Improve Patient Outcomes

Physical Therapy and Orthopedic practices are able to use our cryotherapy devices to reduce recovery time and improve patient outcomes.

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Therapy Devices For Faster Athletic and Injury Recovery

Innovative therapies designed to promote healing, relieve pain, and return your horse to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

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Advanced Cryotherapy Solutions

Subzero™, introduced in 2001, is a trusted handheld cryotherapy device. Used by over 10,000 spa owners, trainers, therapists, and chiropractors worldwide, it offers exceptional aesthetic results and fast pain relief. Alongside top-quality accessories, Subzero™ leads in cryotherapy innovation. Our Moove™ Cold Compression device combines compression and cryotherapy for swift post-injury recovery. FDA cleared for surgical therapy and pain relief, our USA-made cryotherapy products guarantee excellence.

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