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Subzero therapy uses pressurized CO2 to target very specific areas such as joints, including the hock, stifle, pastern and fetlock, resulting in optimized range of motion and reduced pain.

  • Initial results visible within just 60 seconds
  • Infrared temperature and distance sensors for real-time control
  • Rapid attachment systems for faster setup and storage
  • Long-lasting battery and 15’ polyurethane-shielded cord
  • Backlit, interactive LCD screen shows treatment data
  • Treatment protocols for different conditions

Vets, trainers and physiotherapists report rapid pain relief and overall faster recovery from equine injuries through targeted cold therapy.

This versatile and easy-to-use device treats numerous regions of the sports horse’s body for effective maintenance and injury prevention.


Device with 4 spray nozzles, dome, black cone, extra tank connector, tank cover, briefcase and sleeve.

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I’ve never seen results so quickly!

How it Works

The diffuser streams high-pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at 70 bars pressure and -110°F to the affected site on the horse’s body. This creates a thermal shock that immediately activates the sensory neuroreceptors under the skin. The horse’s central nervous system responds with a corrective reflex, which brings a reduction in inflammation, swelling and pain, with further muscular relaxation, within just 60 seconds.

4 Principle Effects

Equine Cryotherapy is astonishingly effective within a short timeframe and allows you to bring the following benefits to all areas of the horse’s body.

Analgesia: Treatment brings an immediate reduction in pain caused by joint, ligament and tendon issues, allowing horses to recover from acute and chronic lameness faster.

Anti-Inflammatory:Swelling decreases rapidly, while associated increases in blood flow enables faster healing of damaged soft tissue, especially with laminitic horses.

Muscular: Rapid resolution of post-exercise tension and pain from microtears reduces the risk of further tissue damage.

Cardiovascular: Blood vessels dilate leading to improve circulation, minimizing the possibility of further damage caused by poor blood flow to injury sites.

This is the best value for money on the market, bar none. It can easily compete with the most expensive devices out there.

Subzero for Rapid Treatment

Technical Specifications

  • Compact applicator dimensions of 4.3 x 10 x 2 inch
  • Highly portable with total weight of 1 lb
  • Backlit interactive LCD screen displays
    • Active treatment program in use
    • Amount of time passed in current program
    • Current skin temperature
    • Distance of device from the horse
    • Battery charge remaining
  • Infrared sensor measures skin surface temperature
  • Distance sensor with red LED light allows accurate positioning
  • Rechargeable integrated batteries Li-ion (7.2 V DC) for 6 hour of continuous streaming (360 treatments, 90 mins recharge time)
  • Sturdy 15’ (4.5 m) long, polyurethane shielded cord enables movement around the horse
  • Four spray nozzles, 1 dome nozzles and 1 cone nozzle for treating different areas of the body
  • Blue/Red Led indicates when you have reached the desired temperature and when you are too cold


  • Competitively priced cryotherapy device developed by equestrians for equestrians
  • High quality, ergonomic and practical for equine use
  • Approved by veterinarians, professional riders, and equine physical therapists
  • Suitable for daily use at training establishments
  • Instructional videos, treatment protocols remote training available

I’m constantly jumping from one horse to the next, and having a machine that helps me do that fast without constantly needing a charge is amazing.

What it Treats

General analgesia
Superficial wounds
Sores and abrasions
Tendon lesions
Ligament lesions
Dorsal metacarpal disease
(sore/bucked shins)
Post-surgery incision repair
Spinal pathologies
Tendon and ligament injury
Soft tissue adhesions
Ligament desmotomy
(Medial patellar, Inferior check)
Muscle strains and microtears
Muscle spasm
Moderates exercise-induced inflammation
Reduced recovery times 
OCD lesions (post-surgery)
Spinous process impingement
Developmental orthopedic disorders
Acute laminitis
Colitis-related laminitis prevention
Dermatological Conditions
Hoof disease (canker, thrush)

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