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Please review our training videos, study guides and other useful information for your Subzero Device.
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Subzero To CO2 Tank Connection

Equine Subzero Disconnect from CO2

First Subzero Treatment Step by Step

Upper Back and Neck Subzero cryotherapy treatment

CO2 Gas Instructions:

You will need a local provider for your gas ( CO2 ); the two most available companies around the US are Airgas and Praxair.

To find a Praxair distributor near you

To find an Airgas distributor near you

Choose the type of tank that will meet your needs and you are comfortable working with. The most common sizes are 5Lb., 20Lb., and 50Lb. I recommend renting the tanks initially, so you can determine what size is the best for your practice. Rental fees are somewhere between $0.3 to $0.5 per day, depending on your state.

  • -5 Lb. Ideal for use “on the go” or treat a small area (like a suspensory)
  • -50 Lb. Ideal for use at the same facility and will treat multiple patients per day.
  • -20 Lb. Ideal for any situation in between

IMPORTANT: You must order a Co2 tank WITH A SIPHON (because we are using the liquid part located at the bottom of the tank, without a siphon, the device will only have access to the gas part and will not be cold enough). Please note that the 5Lb. tank does not exist with a siphon; we have a carrying case for purchase that holds the tank upside down, in order to remedy this issue.

Most gas providers offer delivery (daily/weekly frequency depends on your area); if you choose the 50Lb. tank, I recommend the delivery option. The delivery is a flat fee, so it is a good idea to order multiple tanks at a time. If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us.

Subzero Cryotherapy Device FAQs and Troubleshooting - DRAFT

1. My device is no longer producing cold gas, what do I do?

  • a. This is most likely because your CO2 tank is empty. The device does not have any cooling effects without CO2. Please refill your CO2 tank.

2. I hear a slight rattle when the device is not in use, is something wrong?

  • a. No, your device is perfectly fine. When the valve is not engaged (not in use), it can make a slight rattling noise when shaken. This is normal.

3. Gas is shooting out the sides of the device near the nozzle, is something wrong?

  • a. No, everything is fine. This happens when the nozzle is not screwed on tight enough, or if the nozzle is cross-threaded. Please remove the nozzle and reapply. You should tighten it firmly with your hands, but please don’t use tools to tighten as it can damage the nozzles.

4. I can’t get the nozzle or massage attachment off my device after use, what should I do?

  • a. Please try waiting 15-30 minutes after using your device to allow it to return to room temperature. During longer treatments, the prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can sometimes cause the components to contract, making them harder to remove. This should correct itself once the device returns to room temperature.

5. I am unable to connect my device to the Quick Connector on my CO2 tank, what do I do?

  • a. Our Quick Connectors are designed with your safety in mind. If you can’t connect your device, this is because there is pressure in the connector. To alleviate this pressure, please use the tank wrench provided with your device to loosen the Quick Connector a quarter to a half a turn. This will release any pressure. Once you tighten your Quick Connector back up, you should be able to connect and use your device normally.

6. There appears to be a small gap in the outside case of the device, is it broken?

  • a. No, this is perfectly normal. Our exterior cases are a standard size to accommodate different sized interior components. If you see a small gap this just means your device may have a different interior component. It’s nothing to worry about and will not affect the functionality of your device.