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Science of Aesthetics & Cryo Centers

Science of Aesthetics & Cryo Centers

Cryoslimming (bodysculpting)

When used over problem areas such as the abdomen, rear, arms, thighs or love handles, this sudden, dramatic drop in skin temperature induces cryolipolysis, or destruction of fat cells. Over time, the body removes those cells.

Cryofacials (Frotox)

Diffused through a cone, the same ultra-cold carbon dioxide turns into a soothing, soft frozen mist that relaxes muscles in the face, produces a rosy glow and cosmetically tightens skin. It's also thought to stimulate the production of collagen over time, further firming the skin.

Healing / Pain Relief

The use of CO2 at -110°F under high pressure causes the skin temperature to fall from 89.6°F to 39.6°F within 30 seconds; this reaction is known as a : thermal shock This activates the cutaneous neuroreceptors, generating an immediate remote corrective reflex in the organism that activates the NEUROVEGETATIVE system. This produces several effects: on endocrinal and enzymatic production, an inhibitive effect on pain receptors through the reduction of sodium pump activity, the relaying of nervous impulses, the activation of the vasomotor reflex of the vascular, and lymphatic systems. There is an additional, muscle relaxant effect, observable in the reduction in muscle tone.