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Therapeutic devices that are fast and effective in relieving pain without the use of medication or invasive procedures.

Nearly 100% ROI in first month of using America Cryo's Subzero, says Dallas cryo center owner

Joe Townsend, managing partner at Freeze Cryotherapy in the Lakewood area of Dallas, bought America Cryo's Subzero localized cryotherapy handheld four months ago to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation to help clients with orthopedic issues get in top shape faster.

Developing a business around the Subzero—Des Moines physical therapist Andrew Sciorrotta, PT, DPT

Des Moines physical therapist Andrew Sciorrotta, PT, DPT explains the many reasons he chose America Cryo's handheld #Subzero for localized cryotherapy. Among them: are the ability to return athletes to competition faster, versatile use in the PT clinic, and unbeatable ROI.

Client swims at the beach without pain after Subzero localized cryotherapy treatment

America Cryo client Billie Jo Creamer (off camera) of Rejuvenate Yourself and her clients Patti and Dave describe the improvements #Subzero targeted cryotherapy made in Patti's and Dave's pain, flexibility, and range of motion.

Subzero testimonial video from Wrinkleslayer

Here is one more testimonial for our Subzero device.

Betsy Paradise Subzero testimonial

Besty Paradise from Cyosllimers gives her testimonial about America Cryo Subzero therapy unit.

Karen Coleman Subzero testimonial

Here is Karen's tesimonal, from Cryo facial and bodysculpting, about America Cryo Subzero device.

Subzero testimonial video

Subzero testimonial video