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Therapeutic devices that are fast and effective in relieving pain without the use of medication or invasive procedures.


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Ice Compression offers cryotherapy combined with therapeutic compression, resulting in the ultimate treatment option.  It is easy to target this treatment to a specific area and ultimately increase lymph fluid movement, reducing swelling and decreasing pain. Cold Compression is indicated for post-surgical therapy and pain management therapy

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Subzero Cryotherapy utilizes CO2 at -110 degrees at very high pressure and delivers a very targeted and extremely effective treatment. Offering multiple results : muscle relaxant, anti inflammatory, analgesic and vasomotor.


It involves the use of electromagnetic rays at specific wavelengths. These wavelengths can either be red or Near InfraRed (NIR) wavelengths. The laser beam enables professionals to achieve precision and accuracy with a reduction in accompanying tissue swelling, pain, and inflammation.

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See What Our Customers Think

The handheld portable Cryo unit has been one of the greatest additions to our Physical Therapy and Performance training practices

B. Blankenship

Cryotherapy is amazing! It’s not invasive to the muscle fibers plus a lot faster than other therapies. This device is simple and easy to use and this helps me and my business!

Brady Case

Great quality products and they are still offering more and more as time goes on. Everything you need to get your cryotherapy business started.

Vincente Ponte