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Benefits of Cryotherapy and Compression for Surgery

Posted by Vallerie Mellema on 9th Feb 2016

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) more than 50 million people undergo inpatient surgery each year. While surgery is typically performed with the intention of fixing a problem, it also creates a whole new injury – a wound which then stimulates inflammation, which is a major source of post-surgical pain.

Some inflammation is good – it is the body’s response to physical trauma and can even stimulate the immune system to prevent infection. But following surgery, you don’t want this reaction to last too long because it prolongs the pain which then in turn prolongs your return to movement, which speeds healing. In addition, the swelling that normally accompanies inflammation can impede recovery and cause serious discomfort.

Cold and Pressure for Post-Op Pain Relief

RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is a widely accepted and recommended method of reducing pain and swelling, however compliance can be problematic. Bags of ice melt, requiring replacement, and they’re also awkward and difficult to keep on some body parts, such as the shoulder. In order to produce the compression needed to stimulate tissue regeneration and encourage lymph resorption, you then have to position yourself in a way that keeps the bag of ice tightly against the inflamed area. The entire operation is challenging enough when you have full control of all your muscles, but post-surgery many people give up earlier than recommended due to the inconvenience.

ICE COMPRESSION MOOVE provides all of the benefits of RICE without the hassle, and without having to travel to a physical therapy appointment in order to administer advanced therapy to your surgical wound. Benefits of Portable Compression Therapy Systems:

Easy to manage post-op (eliminates messy ice bags and the need to get up and down to refill them)

Provides compression in variable levels – from o to 75 mmhg – in order to stimulate lymph drainage and reduce swelling

Allows user control of both ice water cycling time and compression levels, which prevents over-chilling and facilitates precise adherence to the RICE recommendation of your doctor or physical therapist

Wraps engineered specifically for the knee, shoulder, hip, and wrist for the perfect fit, allowing the ice water to circulate around the entire surgical area, delivering full-coverage relief

Easy to transport, so you can take it with you if you must travel away from home while you’re still healing

Reduces the need for post-surgical narcotic pain medication, which can create swelling, pain, and prevent a quick return to movement, which is now recommended as the quickest way to encourage the body to heal itself. Cold compression allows you to get up and moving faster, thus speeding your body’s healing process and getting you back to your regular life as soon as possible after your operation.

Convenient Options

Surgical recovery is a temporary situation. Unless you’re an endurance athlete or expect to undergo multiple surgeries, you may prefer the option of renting a MOOVE device rather than buying. Choose from multiple options, including one wrap or two.

There’s no reason to make the trek to a doctor’s office or physical therapy facility when you can stay at home resting as you’re supposed to and administer cold therapy and compression to your surgical site without any mess or inconvenience.

Be sure to follow your care provider’s advice regarding the administration of ice and heat, and arrange for someone to assist you during your recovery. Make your surgical recover quicker and easier by using a Portable Cold Compression System.

Meta: Surgical recovery doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. Cold compression therapy with MOOVE reduces pain and swelling and speeds healing.