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Cold compression Soccer Example

26th May 2016

During championship games, medical staff faces as much of a challenge as the athletes do. The upcoming 2016 UEFA Championship would be a case in point. In order to be able to treat the entire team, they need to use any time-saving measures they have at their disposal. High-performance, flexible technology is beneficial, and it needs to be ready to use in an instant, whether on the field, in the locker room or the treatment room. Cold compression cryotherapy can meet these needs, as it also stimulates smooth muscles and blood vessel walls.

While its application can be impractical, the ice pack still plays a significant role in the RICE treatment protocol (rest, ice, compression, elevation) used after any traumatic injury. Its analgesic effect is incontestable (skin temperature must drop to 53 - 55°F), and because the cold temperatures slow down cell metabolism, it also has anti-inflammatory effects. It is, however, not very practical. For the treatment to be effective, correct placement is essential. A damp towel must be placed between the treated area and the ice pack to maintain proper conductivity, and it must be in direct contact with the skin over the entire area being treated, a process that can be time-consuming. On the other hand, this type of cryotherapy reduces the onset of edema, but it will not reduce the swelling. To reduce the swelling, the area must be treated with compression and elevation. ICE COMPRESSION MOOVE combines the benefits of cold and compression. MOOVE has a selection of different-sized wraps to fit different areas of the body. Rapidly circulating ice water flows through the wrap, ensuring better surface contact, thereby guaranteeing optimal cold conduction. It’s easy to set up - all you have to do is put ice or ice water into the device and start the treatment. A second reservoir ensures that ice water is available for the entire day. Pressure can be regulated based on the patient’s condition and it is possible to program an alternating squeeze and release action to assist and improve drainage. Benefits are in real time, both for the patient and the practitioner, thereby increasing effectiveness and saving precious time. The device is light and can be carried everywhere. The battery holds its charge for six hours.