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This industry leading equine PEMF unit combines Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy with laser to deliver two advanced treatments for optimal health.

  • Combines two powerful therapies in a single, mobile unit
  • Handpiece enables delivery of laser therapy during PEMF treatment
  • Non-invasive therapy for pain relief, injury, and maintenance
  • Three laser wavelengths treat a wide range of conditions
  • Portable unit is suitable for clinic, show, racetrack and barn use
  • Published studies report physical, physiological and neurological benefits

In veterinary, rehabilitation and sports performance settings, PEMF with laser promotes healing of soft tissue, improved range of motion, and management of ongoing conditions.

PEMF with laser is the optimal approach for veterinarians, trainers and therapists addressing soft tissue injury, osteoarthritis, and post-work recovery in elite equine athletes.

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