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Subzero Aesthetic Lease To Own


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A simple, fast and sage treatment option for health and beauty

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Fat reduction

Subzero is one of the most effective cryotherapy solutions for your aesthetic needs. It enables you to treat multiple areas of the body safely and in a very short time, improving active skin conditions while also preventing skin aging and reducing fat - all while using your body’s own natural healing processes to amazing effect!

Package :

Device with briefcase, 5 nozzles, 2 cones, 1 dome, 1 flat massage , 1 sleeve protection, 1 charger, 1 quick tank connector, 1 nozzle cleaning set, 2 extra o rings : $6499 Down payment of $1999, 9 monthly payments of $540, finance fee of $360.

The finance fee will be waived entirely if you pay for your purchase in full within three months of the date of purchase.

We can customize the monthly payment and length of your lease-to-own contract. Contact us to get started!

Shipping:Free shipping within the US. Shipping may take up to 2 weeks.



Subzero Cryotherapy

Neurocryostimulation technology makes it possible to reduce cold to a therapeutic level with pressure from CO2. This carbon dioxide-based cryotherapy allows for a safe and targeted gas application by moving the nozzle just above the skin, diffusing a perfectly dry, unscented, and painless gas at -110 ° F to 50 bar of pressure. Maximum effectiveness in 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds of treatment.

The Subzero Cryotherapy application creates an immediate result at the cellular level called thermal shock. This reaction stimulates the receptors found in the skin and sends a message to the brain. The stimulation creates a reflex pathway response, resulting in vasoconstriction at the superficial level and sends blood inward toward the body's core, while circulation toxins away for the targeted tissue. Upon completion of the treatment, the body then works to create homeostasis once again by opening blood vessels to four times their normal size. This allows for freshly oxygenated blood, rich in hormones, proteins, and enzymes, to return to the targeted area. The benefits are immediate, effective, and long-lasting in treating the following:



Atopic Dermatitis
Wrinkle, Eye Bags, Facial Shaping
Vascular and Lymphatic problems
Muscle tears
Cervical or lumbar sprains; Sciatica; Torticollis
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Cerebral palsy and stroke rehabilitation
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Subzero Cryotherapy is ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy settings, training centers, sports clubs individual athletes, as well as aestheticians in dermatology practices and spas.



EASYCRYO is a versatile cryotherapy device. It was designed in a way to be used in an circumstances. The Cryo diffuser is comprised of a box with an ambidextrous handle allowing the use of the device by a right-handed or a left-handed person.
The multifunction switch allows you to start and to stop(and to monitor on the LCD screen)
The thermo-diagnostics function without cold diffusion.
The cold diffusion functions with simultaneous control of the skin temperature for a sequence of 30 seconds and automatically stops at the end of this sequence but can be stopped at any moment.
The timer if the device is not used for 1 minute, the battery supply is automatically interrupted.



Dimensions: 4.3x10x2 inch
Weight: 1Lb
Backlit alphanumerical LCD screen
Infrared temperature sensor
Distance sensor
Rechargeable integrated batteries li-ion(7.2V DC)
Skin contact head in Teflon(45 mm of diameter)
Shielded cord in polyurethane: 5ft of length or 15ft(option)
3 interchangeable nozzle in aluminum



Truly a no brainer. Our clients love it, it’s a great source of revenue, and it’s ridiculously easy to use!

How it Works

The subzero cryotherapy machine uses pressurized CO2 gas to target a local area of the body and cause “thermal shock.” This is where the benefits of subzero cryotherapy can really start to take effect. It removes toxins from the skin, promotes the growth of healthy and natural collagen fibers, contours and reduces fat through Cryolipolysis, puts the stretch back in skin, and even reduces puffiness in the face. Thermal shock has amazing benefits for the body. You’ll be amazed at what only 5 minutes can do for your skin and overall health!

Your Effective, Gentle Beauty Solution

Wrinkle reduction Cold temperatures can relax the muscles of the face, helping to do the job of injections for wrinkle reduction without any injecting.

Anti-Inflammatory: Cryotherapy reduces inflammation through skin cooling and clearing of toxins in the blood. Continued treatment can boost the immune response to fight acne-causing bacteria. Cold treatment can also locally decrease itchiness or feeling heat from inflammation.

Antioxidant effect: Cryotherapy, through the changes it causes to the body's blood flow, can help promote the delivery of antioxidants and other healing materials to the skin treated to prevent skin aging.

Fat reduction: Cryotherapy is a perfect tool for body sculpting and fat reduction by safely and preferentially targeting fat cells. Through the use of cold treatment, Cryolipolysis (commonly referred to as fat freezing) is achieved and helps to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.

I’ve worked with a lot of products that claim to be great for body sculpting. Absolutely none compare to this


Technical Specifications

  • 7 ft shielded hose (15 ft length also available)
  • Lithium quick charging battery, enough autonomy for 360 treatments, recharge in 90 mins
  • LCD screen, showing you the active program, the timing of the treatment, the battery level, the distance from the skin as well as the skin temperature
  • Blue LED, letting you know you have reached a therapeutic temperature without having to watch the screen
  • Red LED, letting you know you are too close (blinking) or too cold (continuous) without having to watch the screen
  • Distance sensor monitors your distance from the treatment area (the LED lets you know if you’re getting to close, as it says just above)
  • Medical grade temperature sensor, to give you the skin [ in real time
  • Quick disconnect, so you can quickly store your device
  • Only 2 control buttons, for the most user-friendly experience.
  • Lightweight, only 1 kg/2.2 lbs
  • 5 nozzles to better treat every body area
  • 2 cones, 1 dome, 1 flat massage

How Aesthetic Cryotherapy Works

How Aesthetic Cryotherapy

  • Competitively priced cryotherapy device
  • High quality,ergonomic and practical for Aesthetic use
  • Used by Aestheticians and Dermatologists
  • Suitable for whole and partial body treatments
  • Instructional videos, treatment protocols remote training available

My clients rave about this thing. The effect it’s had on their skin tension, baggy eyes, etc. has blown their minds.

What it Treats

Wrinkle reduction
Eye bag reduction
Prevents further skin aging
General analgesia
Atopic dermatitis
Fat reduction
Skin toning

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