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Sports recovery and readiness

(reduce pain & inflammation)

Orthopedic clinics, athletic trainers and physical therapy practices have begun leveraging the localized cryotherapy technique for its remarkable advantages, especially in swiftly alleviating pain and reducing swelling and inflammation. They now offer comprehensive service packages not just to individual patients, but when appropriate, to entire teams, catering to the needs of 11 to 24 athletes simultaneously, throughout entire seasons.

Given that each cryotherapy session typically lasts only around three minutes, orthopedic clinics and centers can efficiently accommodate multiple teams within a single day.

Utilizing a smaller, highly portable tank, this cryotherapy approach can be deployed directly on the field, pitch, track, or court. It effectively addresses injuries, enabling athletes to expedite their recovery process and swiftly return to their respective games.


About Subzero
Subzero: the original localized cryotherapy handheld

First introduced in France in 2001, Subzero is the original targeted cryotherapy handheld, trusted by more than 10000 spa and cryo center owners, sports trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors around the world.

With an unparalleled suite of accessories and reputation for reliable quality, Subzero continues to lead innovation in localized cryotherapy.

  • Subzero utilizes -110F CO2 under high pressure to pinpoint ultra-cold right where you want it
  • Red LED proximity warning light illuminates when the client's skin is too cold and blinks when the Subzero is too close to the client's skin
  • Non-surgical results with no bruising, no scarring and no downtime
  • Machine shuts down after three seconds if red LED proximity warning light is still active
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn
  • Portable, lightweight, handheld design
  • 90-second max per application area, so you can see more clients
  • Powered by widely available carbon dioxide bottles
  • Two attachable cones diffuse cold for use on delicate skin
  • Highly portable when smaller CO2 tanks are used
  • Optional quick release enables you to move the device between tanks in different rooms
  • Attachable contact massage head enables massage of affected tissues
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Full two-year warranty
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • Blue LED light illuminates when target skin temperature is reached
  • Medical grade temperature sensor provides skin temperature in real time

How it works

Subzero works by delivering short bursts of minus 110 degree Fahrenheit carbon dioxide that drops skin temperature 59 degrees in 30 seconds, initiating a process called thermal shock.

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MOOVE Ice Compression: Your Mobile Solution for Fast Pain Relief and Post-Surgery Healing

MOOVE is a highly effective two-in-one cryotherapy and compression solution for post-surgery recovery and pain management. It eases post surgery discomfort by lowering pain, inflammation, and swelling while accelerating the body’s natural healing process. This portable system is easy to use in the recovery room and during patient care.













Technical Specifications

  • The 1 ¼ gallon water tank allows for longer cold application times and wider recovery wraps.
  • Full-color LCD touch screen displays the active program, therapeutic temperature and pressure of the system, and battery level.
  • Easy Cart patented system automatically regulates water temperature based on selected parameters.
  • 20 programs ( 12 pre-set protocols ) + 8 customizable programs allow individualized treatment plans.
  • Optional bifurcated extension allows the use of 2 splints simultaneously to save time.
  • 6-hour battery life when not plugged in.
  • User-friendly double arrow navigation to easily navigate software.
  • Static, dynamic, or alternating compression from 0-75 mmHg air pressure.
  • Dynamic Press therapy function for massaging and compression.
  • Lightweight and easily transported at 5.5 lbs.
  • Automatic purging of splint after use to ensure wraps are empty to avoid moisture-related contamination and issues.
  • 6 ft extension hose allows easy mobility.
  • 3-way method to deliver cold therapy using water, ice trays, or ice cubes.
  • Run one cycle or automatically repeat cycle with a break.
  • Over 17 different wraps to treat the entire body!